Audit Overview

The Sweet Support Company proudly leads the industry with coding and compliance accuracy. The most recent audit we assisted with resulted in a 100% accuracy score for their billing validation practices. We will perform a qualified, comprehensive review of your coding practices and uncover hidden error trends, which often result in lowered productivity. Our company will provide you with a transparent process where unclaimed revenue will be discovered. When you use our services we will be dedicated to your agency; revealing actionable items to increase agency performance, which in turn will give your company that edge every agency desires to be competitive as the overall functioning of your agency increases.


What to Look for When Assessing your Audit Risk

The Sweet Support Company will provide your agency with a comprehensive summary of potential risk factors after we have reviewed your clinical documentation, assessed agency coding practices and uncovered all unrealized reimbursements. Knowing your risk factors is critical, an unexpected audit can result in expensive paybacks of already billed services; not to mention the underlying risk of being under a provider review for months as the agency struggles to maintain compliance with coding and documentation standards to regain a healthy billing status. The benefits of using an outside company are numerous. Agencies often find themselves lost in the "white noise of comfort" and are struggling with low audit scores, frustrated staff, and decreased productivity, along with paybacks that no agency can afford to make.  Our staff will be meticulous as they review your caseloads, looking for and assessing:

  • Missing Documentation
  • Inaccurate Coding
  • Non-Compliant Billing
  • Unrealized Reimbursement
  •  Audit Risk

Industry Benchmarks, exiting the comfort zone.

Many owners have difficulty keeping up with industry standards as they are changing on a regular basis, not to mention the challenge of managing clinical staff and their individual performance. Agency owners and directors may not have access to industry benchmarks for key performance indictors they need to assess the agencies competitive strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, this lack of insight makes it difficult for owners and directors to identify and resolve clinical and administrative issues which result in lost revenue.  The Sweet Support Company will provide owners and directors the support they need to see through the "white noise of comfort" where owners and directors will begin to realize significant performance and revenue gains. Allow us to evaluate the key performance indicators to measure and determine the productivity, and profitability, of your agency. The Sweet Support Company will identify error trends, operational issues that affect productivity, while promoting transparency in resolving these issues. Let us help you gain insight into your agency’s performance allowing you to see through that “white noise of comfort” enabling the agency to gain that competitive advantage.



Are you a Healthy Company?

Vital Q & A

  • Is your agency accurately billing for all the services your clinicians are providing your clients?
  • Are you aware of cumulative monetary losses due to inadequate documentation or inaccurate coding practices?
  • Has your company ever failed to comply with proper standards and been called to a desk audit?
  • Do you ever feel worried that your agency may be exposed to a potentially threatening coding audit? 

We hear the word compliance being whispered around offices on a daily basis; compliance inaccuracies can leave your agency exposed to potentially threatening coding audits.

If any of the above concern you, please contact us right away.

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