Your Road to Compliance requires a dedicated team of industry experts...

Welcome to The Sweet Support Company, headquartered outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Here, our team of professionals understand that the health of your business requires fantastic support: it’s about collaborating with strong industry professionals who are committed to the same high standards as you are.


It’s about prolonging the integrity, strength and longevity of your business.

Our mission is to help our clients flourish and arrive at a place where they can focus and dedicate their valuable time towards serving their communities to the best of their ability; focusing on doing with they have been trained to do, transforming lives and families. To that end, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way. When you employ us you will find that your team will no longer be tied down with the documentation required for business, allowing them to become even more efficient and successful. We understand that compliance requires serious commitment and that a strict code of ethics must be maintained. The Sweet Support Company is constantly training and re-training to exceed and adhere to industry standards.


Christie M. Sweet

President, Owner

Mrs. Sweet, the President, a dynamic self-starter with an entrepreneurial spirit. At the base of Christie’s heart is her love of Christ and a focus on His journey, in attempt to follow in His footsteps, as well as love of her family, Christie works daily helping others reach their full potential. 

Christie is happily married and has passion to support the economically depressed community, with a dream of establishing a community center in the future to support community integration of those who are homeless or transitioning from the prison systems. Christie believes that those considered the least shall be the greatest, and that all people deserve a home, food to eat, and a feeling of security. Together, with her husband, John Sweet, this dream will manifest into reality. Christie exhibits a high energy level, and attempts to share joy in all things that she endeavors. Christie is thoughtful, careful, and introspective; working hard to build connections and break new ground.

Christie has built 2 successful businesses in the course of her career, and this time, her focus is on The Sweet Support, LLC., where Christie; her husband, John Sweet, and a team of hand-picked and well trained experts work together to excel in clinical support and documentation. Christie is skilled and experienced in the therapeutic process, with a talent for putting into words vital information to convey the needs of the population being served. During the last 10 years, Christie has built relationships which have empowered her to become knowledgeable about Community Based Mental Health in order to support agencies in their long term success.


John C. Sweet

CEO, Owner

Mr. Sweet is the Chief Executive Officer of The Sweet Support Company, LLC.  John graduated with honors from Liberty University; Magna Cum Laude: Bachelor of Science, Religion; Masters of Divinity. Mr. Sweet is also a Ph.d candidate for the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. 

Prior to developing the company John was the Director of Operations at the worlds largest social internet radio site called BlogTalkRadio. In the time since transitioning from that company John has been working hard on continuing his education and passion to serve God, his community and family. John’s wife, Christie Sweet, dreamed of building a family business they all could be proud of, a company that not only honored God, but placed the needs of those struggling in our inner cities and immediate communities first. Hence, the idea of The Sweet Support Company was born. John also attended Central Michigan University; almost a lifetime ago, where he studied childhood education and developmental psychology.

Mr. Sweet is also a pastor and is currently meeting and planning with local faith based community leaders who are committed to providing a hand up to the disenfranchised men and women in their communities. John and other local leaders are earnestly praying for a ground breaking for a new community center that will empower, support, teach and re-build struggling families, strengthening them to become contributing members of society once again. 

Executive Team


Nikki Yannikos

Executive Vice President