Therapeutic Documentation

Clinical records are often inaccurate, these inconsistencies cause agencies to lose revenue. Therapists spend an inordinate time creating documents and writing treatment notes, unfortunately even the best make mistakes, with the new compliance standards understanding billing codes and best practices has never been more important. Let us do the hard work and get your caseloads ready for billing. We are also happy to assist with assessments, treatment plans, BIRP notes, note review et al.  Some benefits of using our services include:

  • Accurate Coding

  • Improved Documentation

  • Compliant Billing

  • Reduced ADR's

  • Fully realized reimbursements for services rendered.


Audit Preparation and Review

This is where your company can benefit the most, our team will come directly to your office and review all of your files and their contents to get you ready for that audit. Here is where we listen and work together towards compliance, never worry again. But, compliance is only the beginning, when your company is called to audit, some owners may not be aware of trends within their own agency, such as employee errors resulting in unrealized monetary loses, and potential unrealized, expensive reimbursements due to error trends with coding inconsistencies. Read More