CBT Child Overview Flow

The following link will open a PDF file where you can learn more about how a cognitive behavioral therapy session moves along, interventions conducted, worksheets, information gathering documents. This is  a very through overview of a CBT session; the focus is on children. 

Helpful hints*

  • When reviewing the documents envision yourself in a session, having to plan out the entire hour. Review goals, objectives and interventions as the hour is planned out. Move in sequential order. 
  • Focus on the change from negative thoughts (corrupt) behavior manifestation to desired behavioral outcome when planning and conducting a "mock" CBT session. 
  • Be aware of activities (and verbiage) a therapist may use during the intervention phase, note how the therapist directs conversation and the flow of the session solely on desired outcome and effects of negative thoughts and behaviors.
  • What were the precipitating events which led the client to be referred to therapy?